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Twitter feeds to go, Websites to see

Published October 29, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

I’ve been so fortunate to meet people that have discovered my page. I have enjoyed all of you as you have enjoyed coming along with me on my journey. I have compiled a list of a few websites that I would like my followers to view. Most of these websites are about coupon clipping, some of them are even about freebees. was a great place that I had visited when I just started to print and clip coupons. It was pretty easy to do as a first-timer. Let me tell you.. has so much to offer: from department store coupons to free stuff online. They have great tips on how to be frugal with your money when you are being a consumer, fabulous Amazon finds to even local deals and events in and around Lansing, Michigan. Even if you aren’t from the area, this website is still a very useful website to stumble upon. The side panel of has a lot to offer such as Birthday Freebees, Places to go where Kids Eat Free, to Diaper Deals (which is the reason why I went there originally), and you can participate in “A Mitten Full of Give-A-Ways”. There are so many ways to benefit from this site.

This site that I discovered a few weeks ago is called which has a lot to offer as well. From grocery and online coupons to coupon codes and learning how to get free shipping with your orders, you seriously can not go wrong with being on a budget. But lets face it. We are ALL on a budget. And here are some significant tools to help. They have advertising for the top stores and sites that everyone has heard of like: Bath and Body Works, Banana Republic, Claire’s, the Gap, Old Navy and Petsmart. They even have the latest deals when it comes to travel such as hotel rooms.

Both of these sites have options for contact, FAQs, and the ability to follow these sites on about all of the normal social networks that we all are on. If you don’t believe me, here are some online followers that have left feedback.

“I LOVE being a member! Thanks for providing such an awesome service. As the wife of a full time college student and the mother of an 18 month old…it’s nice to be able to save money wherever I can!” – Rachel


“I never really used coupons before…I never wanted to take the time to look and see if I buy anything that might have some deals. Didn’t think it would matter much to save a dollar here or there but I have saved way more than that with It is great!” – Andrea K

On the hunt for the perfect nappy

Published October 28, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

Seeing how there are so many disposable diapers on the market, we are lucky to live in an age where we can choose what we think would be best for our babies. My mother had the choice to use disposable diapers with me, I had an even better choice to use (and choose) what disposable diapers I wanted to use with my daughter and finally she will have a better choice of the disposable diapers for her daughter. Isn’t that the way it always is?

Let’s see….off the top of my head, I believe my mom had to use Pampers with me. They are durable and absorbent but does not have any available to protect your baby while sleeping throughout the night although they do have a bed-wetting protection called Underjams. Created in 1961, they come in a variety from preemies to size 7. Size 7 is the only size for Underjams and Cruisers. Having several sizes of pampers to choose from, Swaddlers and Baby Dry are only for newborns and infants. Baby dry is also for toddlers as well as Cruisers. They even have their own disposable training pants called Easy Ups. Pampers promotes more baby products such as disposable bibs which they call Bibsters and their own brand of baby wipes. A good friend of mine told my daughter that she really likes the way that Pampers feels but the price is way out there. There are some generic brands that have the same feel but without breaking the bank.

Designed in 1968, Huggies brand was introduced to the market from Kimberly-Clark. The company, based in Irving, TX is one of the biggest producers of mostly paper-based consumer products in the world. They had developed another type of diaper different from Pampers that are unique in size and quality. My little sister typically uses Huggies products because of the feeling of the baby wipes. As I have stated before, most of the population like the feeling of Pampers while Huggies are known for their texture in baby wipes.

So. On one hand, you have Pampers which are extremely expensive and on the other hand you have Huggies which are very reliable in the absorbent area. So what do you do? Do a little research and you will probably find out that Target brand Up and Up is probably the most reliable diapers with the most affordable prices going around.

Don’t talk about my generation!

Published October 19, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

My mother can recall the time when she was the biggest Beatle fan anyone can imagine. Having made a scrapbook dedicating the Beatles, she must have enjoyed listening to the radio when a new song of theirs came on the transistor, the news that came on the television about their ‘invasion’ to America, the loves reported in their lives and sadly, the losses they had to endure. In my opinion, she was in the center of the greatest generation ever when it came to music. So many of us can agree with that statement.

Fast forward to 2008. Being of sound-mind and a Metalhead to this very day, the music that I actually listen to is absolutely ‘nothing’ like the Beatles. The deepness of Goth Metal and the speed of the crunchy guitar gets my blood to a boil every time. I say “Fast forward to 2008” because that was the earliest I can remember walking into my teenaged daughter’s room and noticing posters of the Fab Four plastered on her walls and ceiling. I asked her why she couldn’t stay in her own generation in being a fan, inevitably upsetting her with my gruffness. Why would she want to do something like that?? I mean, she even agrees that the music of today is nothing but grunts and clips of music from the past. Why wouldn’t she love the past generation of music? For those who know her, she is merely a Beatles ‘fan of today’. But I know her as the baby I had given birth to on Ringo Starr’s birthday.

I was surfing around on the internet and found a lovely little blog of someone else that has the same problem as I had when she was younger. You should really take a look.


An open letter to my grand daughter Victoria Renee

Published October 18, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

My darling first grand daughter,

As I sit here anxiously waiting for your arrival, there are so many things I want to be able to introduce to you. This world, having so much negativity, also has an equal amount (depending how you view it) of so many positive things that surround us in our daily lives. I can not wait for you to have this wonderful opportunity to discover the many prospects in this life.

Its a girl!!! 10-18-13

You are only 9 ounces now, but soon when you arrive, you will meet the family that loves you so much. I can not wait to finally hold you in my arms. I often wonder what you are going to looks like, who you are going to be when you grow up, and how you are going to view this wonderful world we live in. Believe me, it is wonderful and I hope you benefit from all the great things that are headed your way. My wish for you most of all is having great health, a positive perspective on all living things and knowing the difference between right and wrong in every situation.

We found out that you are a female on October 18th. The waiting room was filled with people that love you so much. As we walked into the ultrasound room, (room number 6), your Mommy and Daddy were together. Mommy laid on the bed while the technician started searching for your gender. It was hard because you wiggled around so much, mommy even commented that you couldn’t settle down.

Finally we were able to see three little lines. Mommy and Daddy held hands while the ultrasound technician waved her magic wand across Mommy’s tummy. Everything was great and in working order! A healthy baby girl!

Welcome to this beautiful world! Always remember your grandmother loves you so much! I can’t wait to finally meet you!

Grandma Titi

….In the beginning….

Published October 15, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

I guess you can call me a “feminist” but these inventions were the start to make OUR lives easier. You don’t see men inventing stuff to make our lives easier….well…maybe.

You really should comment and tell me if you think I am wrong. I would appreciate a great conversation.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A success story

Published October 14, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

It has been identified that about one in 88 children have been born with autism spectrum disorder according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Statistics show that over 2 million people in the United States alone are affected by this. This proportion of people with autism spectrum disorder in expected to increase from 10 to 17 percent annually due to the fact of wider awareness and proper screening although there is still a mystery why the continued increase still haunts us. It is not fully known how this horrible disorder manifests but with current research showing that it is likely due to a complex combination of genetic predispositions and environmental factors that have influenced early brain development. Either advanced ages of either parents at the moment of conception, maternal illness during the pregnancy, extreme prematurity or very low birth weight. Fortunately not every child develops these types of neuro-developmental disorders. The effects of maternal immune activation involves the strength of fighting infection and genetic predisposition. 

My sister had given birth to a child with autism spectrum disorder in 2000. We were so happy to welcome a beautiful little boy in our family. All ten fingers and ten toes were all we needed. As he grew, things were different…like that angel was battling something inside of him that we could not figure out. My sister went to doctor after doctor, administering him medicine that I couldn’t even pronounce. It seemed that my sister was going stir-crazy trying to find what was the matter with her son. But my sister *did* find out what was wrong with her son. Like so many other loving parents, my sister did not give up on finding out what was affecting her son. I am so proud of her for that. After so many trials that family has been through, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the both of them.

Today he is a marvelous student, awesome musician (he plays the clarinet in his school marching band) and is a wonderful individual that will prosper as he goes into his teenaged years. This is a success story.

Whats in a name?

Published October 12, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your grandchildren are going to call you? It’s funny how you hear different names in different parts of the country of what you typically call your grandparents. Around here, most are called “Mamaw” or “MeeMaw” which isn’t a bad thing at all. But I’ve always wondered what the name that fits me is going to be. My mother tells me to wait to see what the baby actually says. Sometimes it would be better to introduce myself with a name that would be easier for the baby to say rather that remain nameless until the baby can talk.

Originally, I thought my family went against the grain. I have found that this is not true. My mother’s grandmother was named “Good Mama” followed by her daughter, “Mamae” (which is french slang for ‘my mommy’ with ‘mon’ (my) and ‘mere’ (mother) together) as my grandmother, finally my mother is named “Geema” from what my daughter decided to call her when she was around 1 1/2 years old. I often wonder what is wrong with plain “grandmother”. Now I am on an adventure to find my own name.

I was thinking at first that I could take my own grandmother’s name “Mamae” but that isn’t very original and too informal, especially when it comes to the french language. All my nieces and nephews call me “Titi” instead of “Aunt”, so I can build from that, I suppose.*Grandma Titi* would be a great name. I *am* the grandma and the baby will hear me being called “Titi” by other family members so maybe it isn’t such a bad name. As a matter o’ fact, I think that is a swell name.

According to  there is a list that is dubbed the “Ultimate guide to Grandparent Names”. I can see this as something useful. Many grandparents choose their own names at first then wait for what the child can say or what they hear from their older siblings. There are lists of traditional grandparents names, trendy grandparents names and finally playful grandparents names. Fortunately I found the names that I have heard throughout my family in the “traditional” section.

Even if you don’t plan to become a grandparent soon, you really should go to the site below and find your ‘perfect grandparent’ name (just for fun). Who knows what might stick in the future. Tell me….what are the names you have chose for yourself? Comments please! 🙂

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