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Victoria the Water Baby

Published May 30, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

Its summertime in the northern hemisphere of our wonderful home and with the beauty of the weather, we all want to go out and play. What? You say babies can’t? Oh they certainly can (with a lot of precautions). The leaves on the trees have finally emerged from their deep sleep, the bees (although very scarce) are buzzing around the flowers hoping to get pollen and spread it around. I guess that is why I love bees so much. There is a light breeze flowing in the air and the sun seems to dance around a few cirrus clouds in the sky. Yes, summertime is finally here for us to enjoy, even for babies.

She's definitely a pisces!

She’s definitely a pisces!

When I gave birth to my daughter, it was the middle of summer in South Florida. It was hot, humid and I was miserable. My only daily ensemble that I wore was a tank top with shorts (and as most natives do) wore nothing but flip-flops. The only comfort that I could find would be in a room with an air conditioner. That was it. That was all I needed. Fortunately my daughter gave birth right before spring. The days were often over-cast with a cool breeze at night. Given the earlier phenomenon of the Polar Vortex, the predictions of the weather haven’t been simple to forecast. The seasons are now upon us earlier on the East Coast of the US than before.

Getting her things together from room to room, I was following her with a mental checklist offering advice of what I would think she might need. After the advice was given to her, she prepared Victoria’s diaper bag that has Winnie the Pooh across the front. A family member bought her some “swimmer” diapers for Victoria to wear while she was in the pool. Donned with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, my grand daughter was almost ready to go to the party. With a full diaper bag of regular size 2 diapers, wipes, 5 empty bottles, powder formula and a bottle of drinking water, she was set into her carrier that is also “Winnie the Pooh” print. Her ride (from a family member) finally came to pick her up. She was so excited that she can finally get out of the house and spend some quality time with family.

Sitting comfortably on her throne.

Sitting comfortably on her throne.

Of course I was texting her every five minutes to ask if the air was on in the car on the way, was she too cold if the air, in fact, was on too much. I would ask if she was hungry or if it is time for her next feeding. Or even if she needed a diaper change and I am not there to do it.

Still, I am only the grandmother.

But my daughter came to her baby’s rescue. I was happy to learn that she only had her in the sun for approximately 5 minutes, (just to take a few pictures) that she was indeed in a pool setting. Dressed in her long onsie, hat (that covered her neck as well), sunglasses and sunscreen, my daughter walked with her across the shallow end of the pool. She knew that you shouldn’t keep a baby out in the direct sun and stayed for the next 10 minutes under the overhang of the pool deck. As soon as she got home, Victoria was whisked away to a bath. My daughter knew that sunscreen wasn’t good for baby’s skin so she carefully washed it away with a wash cloth. After careful examination, Victoria was ‘lotioned up’ and fitted with a brand-new onsie as she sat in her lounger (better known as her throne).






A very helpless feeling

Published March 20, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

Here I am. The grandmother of a 10 day old infant. Although I have been getting enough sleep, the ‘every two-hour’ feeding time has not yet bothered me. Looking at her face mesmerizes me every time I hold that little bundle of joy. She is such a good baby; always sleeps, never cries and has a great little disposition as of late. Both families are truly blessed with her. I am in charge of cleaning and preparation of the bottles. My daughter has decided to breastfeed but also use formula. We have already gotten the ‘green light’ from the pediatrician to do this. She seems to be satisfied with two ounces every feeding: one ounce of formula and one ounce of her mother’s Victoria sleeping with constipation only 10 days oldmilk. But we have noticed something missing: it has been ½ a day since she has had a regular healthy bowel movement.

 I know this is not something one should blog about. If anything, I would love to hear some advice. I am in route to the store to get her some Karo syrup for her tummy. We tried gas drops last night but still little pellets are found in her diaper. She is having so much trouble staying comfortable that she seems to always lay on her side. Imagine what my little grand baby is going through….still…she doesn’t cry about it.

Wanna know a great place to shop for baby supplies? Remember to hit this consignment shop!

Published January 26, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

When I just moved up to Tennessee to be with my sister and her family, she gave me some really good advice on where to go to buy baby and children’s clothes and equipment. I would see her come home from shopping capturing really good deals for her boys to wear to school, church functions and on weekend outings. I couldn’t believe she told me about a consignment shop. Where I come from, the consignment shops are very small and do not have much to offer in cleanliness and quality.“Have you ever heard of ‘Once Upon a Child?” she asked. To be truthful, my daughter was in high school and I never predicted that I would have to shop for children’s clothes in the near future. So here I am helping my daughter ‘hunt and gather’ baby supplies for my grand daughter Victoria. As I am scouring the internet or Brick and Mortar shops, I then remembered the advice my sister gave me years ago.

Victoria's BouncerOnce Upon a Child is a consignment shop that buys and sells gently used toys, clothing and baby furnishings that allow you to acquire quality merchandise for such a great price. These products that they sell are of value and they always meet the standards with their products to be sure they are not on recall. Remember, these products are from your area, as in they buy products that are gently used from local parents whose children grew out of these stages of clothes. Once Upon a Child buys them for a good price and all you have to do is stop in to one of their many consignment shops and browse. It isso nice to finally find a children’s boutique that will buy your gently used children’s items by making an offer, selling the items for you. It is their way of ‘paying it forward’ for the rest of society. Personally while I was walking in the aisles of their store, I found so many cute baby clothes, children’s clothes (both boy and girl), baby strollers, carriers, baby bathtubs and so much more. I did buy a few onsies from the infants aisle for little-to-nothing. And I also purchased a bouncer for $6! It is a steal! I couldn’t believe how affordable Once Upon a Child is on my wallet.

Think of shopping for your children. Think of an up-coming baby shower that you are invited to. Think of your nieces or nephews that could benefit from Once Upon a Child. Think of being able to give back to your neighborhood consignment shop called Once Upon a Child. You will be glad that you did.


Twitter feeds to go, Websites to see

Published October 29, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

I’ve been so fortunate to meet people that have discovered my page. I have enjoyed all of you as you have enjoyed coming along with me on my journey. I have compiled a list of a few websites that I would like my followers to view. Most of these websites are about coupon clipping, some of them are even about freebees. was a great place that I had visited when I just started to print and clip coupons. It was pretty easy to do as a first-timer. Let me tell you.. has so much to offer: from department store coupons to free stuff online. They have great tips on how to be frugal with your money when you are being a consumer, fabulous Amazon finds to even local deals and events in and around Lansing, Michigan. Even if you aren’t from the area, this website is still a very useful website to stumble upon. The side panel of has a lot to offer such as Birthday Freebees, Places to go where Kids Eat Free, to Diaper Deals (which is the reason why I went there originally), and you can participate in “A Mitten Full of Give-A-Ways”. There are so many ways to benefit from this site.

This site that I discovered a few weeks ago is called which has a lot to offer as well. From grocery and online coupons to coupon codes and learning how to get free shipping with your orders, you seriously can not go wrong with being on a budget. But lets face it. We are ALL on a budget. And here are some significant tools to help. They have advertising for the top stores and sites that everyone has heard of like: Bath and Body Works, Banana Republic, Claire’s, the Gap, Old Navy and Petsmart. They even have the latest deals when it comes to travel such as hotel rooms.

Both of these sites have options for contact, FAQs, and the ability to follow these sites on about all of the normal social networks that we all are on. If you don’t believe me, here are some online followers that have left feedback.

“I LOVE being a member! Thanks for providing such an awesome service. As the wife of a full time college student and the mother of an 18 month old…it’s nice to be able to save money wherever I can!” – Rachel


“I never really used coupons before…I never wanted to take the time to look and see if I buy anything that might have some deals. Didn’t think it would matter much to save a dollar here or there but I have saved way more than that with It is great!” – Andrea K

On the hunt for the perfect nappy

Published October 28, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

Seeing how there are so many disposable diapers on the market, we are lucky to live in an age where we can choose what we think would be best for our babies. My mother had the choice to use disposable diapers with me, I had an even better choice to use (and choose) what disposable diapers I wanted to use with my daughter and finally she will have a better choice of the disposable diapers for her daughter. Isn’t that the way it always is?

Let’s see….off the top of my head, I believe my mom had to use Pampers with me. They are durable and absorbent but does not have any available to protect your baby while sleeping throughout the night although they do have a bed-wetting protection called Underjams. Created in 1961, they come in a variety from preemies to size 7. Size 7 is the only size for Underjams and Cruisers. Having several sizes of pampers to choose from, Swaddlers and Baby Dry are only for newborns and infants. Baby dry is also for toddlers as well as Cruisers. They even have their own disposable training pants called Easy Ups. Pampers promotes more baby products such as disposable bibs which they call Bibsters and their own brand of baby wipes. A good friend of mine told my daughter that she really likes the way that Pampers feels but the price is way out there. There are some generic brands that have the same feel but without breaking the bank.

Designed in 1968, Huggies brand was introduced to the market from Kimberly-Clark. The company, based in Irving, TX is one of the biggest producers of mostly paper-based consumer products in the world. They had developed another type of diaper different from Pampers that are unique in size and quality. My little sister typically uses Huggies products because of the feeling of the baby wipes. As I have stated before, most of the population like the feeling of Pampers while Huggies are known for their texture in baby wipes.

So. On one hand, you have Pampers which are extremely expensive and on the other hand you have Huggies which are very reliable in the absorbent area. So what do you do? Do a little research and you will probably find out that Target brand Up and Up is probably the most reliable diapers with the most affordable prices going around.

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