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New Adventures of Victoria the Toddler!

Published April 29, 2016 by The Hip Grandmother

Sitting here with my granddaughter is such a wonderful thing to me. We had just dropped her mother off to work and now we can relax watching a little television and play on YouTube. Well…she is. She is fully capable to navigate throughout YouTube and it keeps her busy for an hour or two if I let her. (Which I never do, half an hour at the most).

4-15-16 Our new apartmentMost of you know that we have moved into a new apartment. Moving from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom apartment makes for a lot of space. Victoria finally has her own room to do as she pleases. Her toys fit in 3 toy boxes lined up on the wall, her bookshelf stuffed with reading literature, Disney Princess table and chairs and her toddler bed on the other side. My friend brought her a foam mat so it would drowned out some of the noise for the people downstairs. (We have hardwood floors throughout the house).

As a family, we do a lot of things together. Since Victoria’s mom works a lot, it gives us more time to spend together. We do go out to friends houses. We also go to the park. I am planning to put together a picnic basket and spend a few hours at the Beltway Park that my small but quaint town has to offer.

Taking selfies while we shop.

Taking selfies while we shop.







Here are some pictures I was able to capture on our adventures. Enjoy 🙂

Victoria went to the circus with the family.....

Victoria went to the circus with the family…..

Played outside in the grass with her wagon

Played outside in the grass with her wagon

Dressed up to see the easter bunny......

Dressed up to see the easter bunny……

....But fell asleep in his arms....

….But fell asleep in his arms….

Played with Mommy's make-up

Played with Mommy’s make-up

Stole a bite of Mommy's ice cream cone

Stole a bite of Mommy’s ice cream cone

Ended up waiting in the room for the dentist

Ended up waiting in the room for the dentist

First-time examination! She did GREAT!!!

First-time examination! She did GREAT!!!

Went to visit her best friend Paco.

Went to visit her best friend Paco.

Absence makes a grandmother’s heart grow fonder…but Merry Christmas!!!

Published December 10, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

12-6-14 Victoria's first christmasMy heart goes out to all the custodial and non-custodial parents who are without their child when it isn’t their visitation time. But what about the grandparents who, trying to bite their tongue on different situations, have to watch them go as well? Saturday night Victoria gets to spend the night at her Father’s house. From the time she leaves to her Father and Papaw’s house til the time she comes home I have to literally sit and think of things I have to do (or want to do) while shes gone.

Sure….there is laundry to do. And I really can get to those lunch dishes. Or, in my own bedroom needs cleaning and a bit rearranging. Come to think of it, I haven’t been able to get my winter clothes out of the closet in exchange for my summer clothes. But I will get to it. In the meantime I want to make sure that Victoria has as much of my time as I can give her.

Usually on Saturdays, I run to my friend’s house to have a few cups of coffee, finding out what is going on in their world and the world around them. Its kind of nice to be able to have ‘adult conversation’ once in a while. Sometimes I stay home and make a list of things that I could do such as vacuum (which I try not to do while she is there) and dust or mop…or both. Its not a blast but it sure does kill time. I’m also not a big believer in cable although I do have a laptop. Many times I watch movies or just simply listen to music while I am dusting or doing dishes. At least I know she will come home to a clean cozy house.

In the early part of December, we decided to put up a tree to celebrate Victoria’s first christmas. We did have fun. I put up the lights while my daughter decorated it with garland and different type of ornaments. Earlier that morning, I made Victoria a special hand-made ornament that I saw in a Facebook posting. Usually I find

The face says it all..grabbed a branch.

The face says it all..grabbed a branch.

my creativity through a pencil or oils. But this time I wanted to make something for her and eventually starting a tradition from Grandmother to Granddaughter.

I decided to make her a ‘keepsake’ ornament every year to put on the Christmas tree. Obviously this year she cannot do it so I started the tradition for her. I went to Target and bought a big plastic bulb that I can put things into the top of the hole. I had some pieces of the decorations from on top of my daughter’s baby shower cake that I have been saving for something creative..something like this. I also saved the baby bracelet/anklet from when Victoria was in the hospital being born. Its important to note that you shouldn’t put too much inside the bulb not to make it too heavy but enough to keep it buoyant on a branch of the tree. Finally I found a pink ribbon (or blue for a boy) and tied it around the stem of the ornament. Voila! You have a homemade First Christmas keepsake ornament that is filled with personal memories that you can look back to in years to come. Its quick and easy and does not cost a lot, maybe a few bucks.

Here is mine!

12-5-14 Victoria's birth ornament

Creating a technological bond between great-grandmother and grandchild

Published November 16, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

September 7 2014On one of my other postings, I have talked about how I am so thankful and blessed for being a part of the generation that I am in. We are after the Baby Boomers and before Generation Y. I heard that they are called ‘Generation Y’ for a reason. “Y move out of my parents house? Y pay my own bills?” But I joke….kind of.

My mother is a part of the baby-boomer generation. She is also very close to Victoria. But she is really close to my daughter. So close that my daughter named my grandchild after her. What an honor that must be! We want to make sure that she is a part of this baby’s life as we are. Unfortunately she lives about 25 miles away so she cannot see her precious great-granddaughter as much as she would like. But we have found a way that we can connect on a daily basis: Facetime.

Having the special incentive to use this technology means she can be there to view the milestones at the tips of her fingers at any time. This is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on in the family, not only with Victoria but us too. There is a survey that shows 20% of the grandparents that were interviewed use such technology to ‘touch base’ with their grandchildren at least once or twice a week.

Grandparents of a generation or two ago would probably not accept anything other than the telephone for communication with their children and/or grandchildren (if the internet were available back then). But the grandparents of this day and age frequent social networks anyway; so using programs such as Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts on any device they own in the form of a laptop, desktop, tablet or cell phone is easier to keep in touch with their babies’ babies.11-13-14 Victoria being silly

That brings me to my own mother. She wants to make sure she stays in my daughter’s life as much as possible (as she should). When my daughter was in high school, they would spend hours (literally hours) on the phone like teenagers chatting away to each other. They are so close, they share the same likeness of music thus going to concerts of that genre together. They are that close. So you can see how much my daughter wants to share special moments of Victoria with my mother. It is almost a daily occurrence that there is communication on Facetime. Be it lunchtime or bath time, my mother gets to see my grand daughter and my daughter, Victoria gets to actually see and get to know her great grandmother and I get to see my mother daily. As her adult-child, it brings me comfort knowing that my mother is okay.

My very first Grandparent’s Day (and I almost missed it)

Published September 23, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

Grandparents Day card 2014I am shaking my head to the fact that I almost missed my first Grandparents day. I mean, I really didn’t miss it, but it was a day just like any other day. Unfortunately it was too hot to take Victoria outside to sit and play on a blanket. Now that she sits up on her own, there are so many more things we can do together. Like I said before, it was my very first grandparents day and I almost missed it but my daughter didn’t.

As Victoria was sitting in her Pack N Play, I took the time to google what and when Grandparents day was really about. Yes it was earlier this month. It turns out that it is a new holiday that became recognized only 36 years ago in 1978. Marian McQuade of West Virginia was the original founder of Grandparents Day. Although there are many countries that recognize this event, it is usually celebrated on different days throughout the year. For instance, in France it is celebrated on the first sunday of March dating back to 1987. And out of all those different countries celebrating this day, some celebrate the grandmother and another day will be celebrated for the grandfather. This proves that grandparents are a very important part of their families lives…no matter what country you are from.Grandparents Day card 2014 II

I’ve also learned that there is a song that was written in our honor. I heard some of it. Its cute. It was written in 2004 in Chula Vista, California by Johnny Prill mandated by the National Grandparents Day Council. (I never knew anything like this existed!) He was presented with the National Songwriters award because of its highly popular composition. He named it “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa”. It was written to give children across the nation the opportunity to celebrate and show their appreciation for their grandparents. It tells of the unique relationship between children and their grandparents. I’m guessing I take this ‘grandparent’ thing very seriously! And I love it!!!


The Liebster Award!!!!

Published September 20, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

The Hip Grandmother just received the Liebster Award from! Thank you so much for being recognized as a blogger. It’s been a little over a year since I have started and its been a wonderful journey! Thank you again! I am so happy to be nominated and I would like to nominate some wonderful blogs for you, my faithful followers to read. But FIRST, there are some rules that you would need to follow.

They are:

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions that are asked of you.

3. Nominate five other bloggers that have under 5,000 followers.liebsteraward

4. Ask those bloggers 11 unique questions.

5. Let the bloggers know they have been nominated so they can continue the chain!




I was asked these questions and here are my answers. I would like my nominees to answer these same questions.

What inspired you to blog?                                                  

When I found out my daughter became pregnant on July 1, 2013 I just knew I wanted to shout it out on a mountain to anyone that wanted to hear it. I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish that. I had written a few blogs before (namely and I have to say that a lot of people did, in fact, enjoy it. Shaddow, my cat is a funny character but I knew I needed something more. So after a month of pondering, I decided to start a new blog about my only daughter’s experiences of her first pregnancy through the eyes of her mother. I still feel I am too young to be a grandmother but I also realize that there is a new generation of grandparents emerging from the MTV generation and we need to have a voice. I want to knock on the proverbial door and announce that ‘WE ARE HERE, METALHEADS AND ALL!’ so to answer your question, my daughter inspired me like she has done in so many ways in her young life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When did you first start blogging?

 I first started blogging in 2011 when I started a blog named ‘TIL: Tyster Gallery’. I had no clue what I was going to write about. My daughter was graduating soon from high school and we were always so busy so I could never find the time to be an actual ‘blogger’. I had no ‘niche’ in what I was writing and being able to communicate with what I am trying to say to my followers.

What is your blog about?

My blog, ‘The Hip Grandmother’ is about the experience that my first and only granddaughter Victoria Renee has to go through               or what she is going through in her young life. I can only tell you that I am the grandmother and these are situations through                     my eyes.

 What are your two big passions in your life?

I have had a pretty good life so far. The two big passions in my life have been meteorology and astronomy. When I say                                 meteorology, I am not talking about the weather pattern of a certain climate. I am talking hurricanes. I have wanted to become                 an Atmospheric Scientist since I was seven years old. I was the weird teenager that unlike most, had pictures of hurricane paths               and statistics with a map of Florida (my home state)hung up on my wall like teenager girls have their idols and crushes. When I               found out the true definition of meteorology, (and doesn’t every kid love our celestial neighborhood?) I decided to focus on                       learning more about our cosmic neighborhood and the different phenomena on each planet or moon. I also love art. I have been               an artist all my life winning awards at such a young age with many wonderful memories of the people I have met through art.

How do you promote your blog?

I promote my blog in a few ways. Yes I should do more promoting but frankly, I don’t really know how. I do have another blog                   that has the same information ( which has a different template. I like to Facebook a lot                 and get to know the many followers I have at I am also on google+ under                            You can also find me at which you can find all               of my blog entries. I have been dabbling with ad-placement working with google but that has been a slow process I have to                         admit.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Reflecting on my blog, I see myself as I am today: very happy with who I am with my family surrounding me. As I watch them                   grow into mature adults, I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing I did my best.

How often can you actually take time off and do things you like to do?

As a mother, I can take as much time as I want to do the things that I enjoy doing whether it is window-shopping with friends,                 going to a movie or simply chatting on the phone or computer. As a grandmother, I have to make sure I am available to babysit               while my daughter goes to work or is taking her college classes.

How would you encourage other people to blog?

I have to admit blogging is a sure way to relieve stress and write down what is really going on in my mind when it concerns my                 granddaughter. So to answer that question, you would have to first meet up with people that enjoy writing or love to                                     communicate to the masses. Blogging is like a free therapist that never charges and is always listening.

What is the one thing that you would love to do at least once in your lifetime?

The one thing that I would love to do at least once in my lifetime would probably have to be to get married. I have never been                   married and watching other marriages that are created then ending makes me even more afraid to commit. So when I plan on                   getting married one day I want to make sure it lasts.

How do you handle family or work stress?

I am not really sure how to answer that because I am a stay-at-home grandmother who lives with both her child and her child’s                 child. But I handle it all one day at a time…if that was the answer you were looking for.

Where would you rather be now?

As a young girl, I imagined myself working as an Atmospheric Scientist like I have stated before. But now that I have my                             daughter and granddaughter here with me, I think that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else because of them. (and my black cat              Shaddow!)

 I would like to nominate:




4 .


Thank you again for the nomination. 

How much is too much TV baby time?

Published August 10, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

Victoria and Mommy 8-8-14If I read another article about how television damages our children’s way of thinking, I am literally going to scream. I mean, there is nothing wrong with watching an educational video with your grand child. Or am I wrong?

True, sitting your grand child in front of the TV so you can get the house done or chat with your friends online isn’t what this is about. Sure they want a bit of a break so they can do some personal things. Ok..ok this is what this article is about. I’ve read up on a few subjects and I think I have found an alternative way to appease both the parent and the child. I realize every generation after generation says the same thing: the younger generation is in a world of trouble. Yes. This is true as well. But as we help our children raise their children (in my case, they both live with me), I have to think like both a ‘grand parent’ and a ‘parent’ when Victoria is in my care. While my daughter is trying to spend quality time with her daughter before she goes to work or attends a class in college, I have to keep her mind occupied during my time with her.

I understand she is now 5 months old. Wow! Another month she will be half a year old! (But I digress.) I wish I had learn to do this when my daughter was her age. As many grandparents often do, I could kick myself in the seat of my pants when I think of all the things I feel like I ‘robbed’ my child when she was young. Thank (enter your deity here) I have been given the opportunity to rectify it through Victoria. I am not saying I was a neglectful mother. I was young and youthfulness isn’t always a good thing.

My sister who teaches children before they start kindergarten (to prepare them for that big milestone) told me before Victoria was born Victoria 8-8-14 IIthat their brains are evolving on a daily basis. That is kind of a ‘no-brainer’. In so many words, I believe the great Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You learn something new everyday”. But how can she learn something new if I don’t help initiate her learning process? Stick her in front of a television? That definitely won’t do. If I did that, I would be robbing another generation in my family of critical thinking and I don’t think that is fair. Not fair to my daughter, my grand daughter or to the world.

Schedules and routines are two different things I have found. A sleep schedule or an eating schedule is what Victoria follows (although it is very hard to follow when she is teething.) Routines are wonderful. They aren’t ‘time-pressing’ and easy to follow. I have a routine set up for her as soon as her mother leaves for work that doesn’t involve the television. I don’t want to fall into that trap which I rely on the television screen to occupy her time. I want her to imagine, explore and ponder. Yes. I realize that she is still 5 months…True eventually she will become engaged in her saturday morning cartoons or watch YouTube videos (under strict guidance) but I want to prolong this as long as I can. There is nothing wrong with playing with puzzles or reading a book. Giving them the initiative to use hand-and-eye coordination opens up a lot of new avenues. Self-disciple is paramount in anyone’s life and showing them early will help with their future. They also can become re-programmed to eventually become good listeners, learners, strengthen their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, become more creative and help them find a way to have self-worth with a better sense of self.

As a grandparent, giving presents is what we live for, is it not? Giving the gift of ‘focusing’, ‘creative thought’ and cultivating it through the years is a present that is sure to develop self-assurance.

Victoria Renee 8-1-14



To My Grandmother Mamae

Published January 23, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

Life continues to move on. I listen to my daughter and her ‘health nurse’ sitting in the living room as my daughter asks her questions about her pregnancy. As a woman on her 33rd week of pregnancy, she has been dealing with ‘those nasty Braxton-Hicks’ but still dealing with nausea and leg cramps. Victoria is almost here and I seriously can not wait! My daughter will be a good mother, great individual and a strong woman.

Mame as a child

Speaking of strong women, today is my Mamae’s 104th birthday. I’ve decided to honor her by letting everyone know how much she means to me. She is my maternal grandmother who I have always wanted to meet; alas she passed before I was born. I’ve always wanted to be able to go spend the night over at Grandma’s house like my other friends who have had wonderful memories of being with their grandparents. The more older I get, the more I realize how important having grandparents in your life is. How they don’t have to become the disciplinarian, how they can form strong bonds offriendship on a level that no one can break. My mother and my daughter are the best of friends. (My daughter tells me that they are and my mother agrees).

I didn’t get to know Mamae on a personal level, I hear stories of the things she used to do, her style, her cooking (and I hear her cooking skills could rival with the likes of Julia Child) and how loving and comforting she would make her children feel. Yes, I have heard she was very possessively kind with her children, (a very loving woman). She loved animals. She had a Corgi dog decades ago which I heard that the animal was a force to be reckon with. But still, she loved the dog. And obviously the dog loved her. I could imagine how easy it would be to fall in love with my grandmother. I could imagine her being with me although I have always felt her presence since I was a little girl.

Mame and Cobi

Imagine sitting here having a lovely conversation over a cup of coffee with her asking as many questions that time would allow for us to be together…or just looking at her beautifully youthful face while tears well up in my eyes…or introducing the inventions that she never got to be influenced by since her untimely death. Of course, I would love to show her the internet. She would have loved to google the latest recipes or build her own website (after a while of internet-experience) about cooking with a few ingredients to ‘How to host a dinner’. I miss her although I have never met her. (It might sound strange but its a feeling I’ve always had). And I think she would have wanted to meet me. I wonder if she had a french accent, her daily disposition and what made her tick. I wonder of so many things about her but I see them through my mother: the youthful gene that my mother possesses, the love that ‘no matter what, I will always love you, even if you are wrong’ attitude and bending over backwards to make sure you get what you need done. That is my family and I continue to honor Mamae by being the best grandmother I know she would want me to be.

 Happy birthday, Mamae. I love you so…

The Hip Grandmother’s Day Out

Published November 4, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

 Leaving the computer screen is a rather hard thing for me. But today, I decided to step away from the screen and get some much needed sunshine.  Today was the day that I would spend with the *other* grandmother going out to lunch and window shopping to get ideas for the baby shower. As I am getting ready, I feel a bit nervous of how I will be the house clean enough?, will I get along with her?, will she be as happy as I am about this wonderful bundle of joy that is making her appearance in March? These are things that run through my mind as I am brushing my long brown hair. Glancing in the mirror at my reflection, I take a deep breath and tell myself that everything will be alright. This is going to be a relationship about compromising.

I received a text message that she was on her way to my house to pick me up. Sitting in her Ford Focus, we both decide that the best place for us to have our lunches would be at Olive Garden ( In our own way, it is the best chance to ‘break bread’ together and get to know one another because, lets face it, we are going to be grandmothers for the next 18 years. As adults, we should become friends (at least). We decided to get appetizers because the breadsticks alone will fill us up. We both had such a great time sitting and chatting about raising our babies in the good and bad times, eating great food and building a bond that will be shared for years to come.

After the last bit of food and drink was consumed, we both decided it was time to go window shopping. Where else could we go to see what is in-store for our little grandchild? has such a wide selection of baby products, we really didn’t know where to begin! Splashes of pink and blue were all around us as we hunted for the Car Seatprice tags of only pink items. We were a bit silly giggling at the vast selections of little girl (and little boy) products. We also came upon multitudes of choices in carriers. Carriers that attached would make up a car seat, stroller and basic carrier for an infant.

I have to say that I am truly blessed knowing that she wants to be there on my journey as well. Some people aren’t that lucky. This child is going to come into a world knowing what a loving family is. That eases my heart. As my daughter’s belly continues to grow, I know that I am not the only grandmother that is planning the future of this little angel.

Whats in a name?

Published October 12, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your grandchildren are going to call you? It’s funny how you hear different names in different parts of the country of what you typically call your grandparents. Around here, most are called “Mamaw” or “MeeMaw” which isn’t a bad thing at all. But I’ve always wondered what the name that fits me is going to be. My mother tells me to wait to see what the baby actually says. Sometimes it would be better to introduce myself with a name that would be easier for the baby to say rather that remain nameless until the baby can talk.

Originally, I thought my family went against the grain. I have found that this is not true. My mother’s grandmother was named “Good Mama” followed by her daughter, “Mamae” (which is french slang for ‘my mommy’ with ‘mon’ (my) and ‘mere’ (mother) together) as my grandmother, finally my mother is named “Geema” from what my daughter decided to call her when she was around 1 1/2 years old. I often wonder what is wrong with plain “grandmother”. Now I am on an adventure to find my own name.

I was thinking at first that I could take my own grandmother’s name “Mamae” but that isn’t very original and too informal, especially when it comes to the french language. All my nieces and nephews call me “Titi” instead of “Aunt”, so I can build from that, I suppose.*Grandma Titi* would be a great name. I *am* the grandma and the baby will hear me being called “Titi” by other family members so maybe it isn’t such a bad name. As a matter o’ fact, I think that is a swell name.

According to  there is a list that is dubbed the “Ultimate guide to Grandparent Names”. I can see this as something useful. Many grandparents choose their own names at first then wait for what the child can say or what they hear from their older siblings. There are lists of traditional grandparents names, trendy grandparents names and finally playful grandparents names. Fortunately I found the names that I have heard throughout my family in the “traditional” section.

Even if you don’t plan to become a grandparent soon, you really should go to the site below and find your ‘perfect grandparent’ name (just for fun). Who knows what might stick in the future. Tell me….what are the names you have chose for yourself? Comments please! 🙂

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