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Co-existing with a baby and a kitty cat

Published July 14, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother


Moder and Shaddow in 2011Want to harness physical, social, emotional and cognitive development from your child? It can all be found by encouraging interaction with the family pet. It doesn’t matter if it is a dog, cat, horse or goldfish, the main ingredient is a sense of companionship that is offered by animals. Having a pet is sometimes what everyone had as a child as they get interaction with warm fuzzy entertainment given by the animal. My ‘pet of choice’ was always a feline. As long as I can remember, I have always had a cat by my side. In bad times and good, my feline friends were always there for me when I felt like I was alone.

We have a feline, as you know. His name is Shaddow. I have always loved all my cats in my past. But this cat has a very special place in my heart. I originally adopted/rescued him from the local Humane society in Palm Beach county along with my mother and daughter down in South Florida. Shaddow was originally rescued for my daughter but chose me as his favorite. We got him at six months although by the looks of body which dealt with malnutrition, he looked four months old. By the time he was nine months old, he had already learned how to fetch. We had taught him with cloth kitty toy balls as we threw them up the stairs, he would catch them and bring them downstairs to us.

Now he is just a Tomcat, and old man. He has had his day.

During the 6 of the 9 months, we made sure that we left blankets out for Shaddow to smell. Now, Victoria’s scent wasn’t on the items at this time but the smell of baby items were around so he would get used to knowing that our scents were different than the scent that was on the items. I wasn’t expecting him to rub his face on these items but to understand that something or someone is arriving soon and to understand that our family is expanding, not excluding him. I really want him to learn this.

While my daughter was pregnant, she would work on the computer working on her college classes. She would invite Shaddow to sleep next to her so the touch and scent obviously comforted him because he would sit by her constantly. Seeing them both sit on the couch made me think back to when she was a little girl and he was a kitten. My daughter played violin and cello. She went to a performing arts school during that time. Every time..and I mean every time she practiced her craft, Shaddow would come running from any place in the house just to sit in her empty case to sit and listen to her play. There are times when he would meow with the music as she ran the bow across the strings. We have Meeting Shaddow:Victoriawonderful memories with this feline.

Finally the day to return home with our new bundle of joy, Shaddow was hanging around the house (probably sleeping in his makeshift bed I prepared for him in my bedroom closet). After the family and friends have left us alone with our little entity, Shaddow came out of his secluded lair and came up to sniff Victoria’s foot. Then he walked away uninterested. And that is what we wanted to happen. Still, even now the baby’s bedroom room is closed during sleep, including naps. Because even though we love him with all our hearts, he is still a feline.

On a positive note, Shaddow is going to give her so many responsibilities. True, I did rescue Shaddow for my daughter to learn responsibilities but that was a moot point. Shaddow decided that I am going to be his alpha female or maybe he just views me as another cat. Whatever the case, he is going to do his part to help her grow. Emotionally, physically and mentally he will be there. All she has to do is grow.

Please visit his blog (for cat lovers)

Preparing for a birthday on my birthday

Published March 4, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother

The time inches nearer and nearer! In the next week…or next few days I could have my granddaughter in my arms. The thought of my baby girl having a baby girl is so mind-blowing. And it is actually becoming more real. Last weekend we decided to get some of her laundry done. I remember holding up the Onsies and commenting on how adorable a little body will fit in them. The little socks and bibs. Or even the receiving blankets. Her little head will be covered with the cutest little pink and white hats that my daughter received at the baby shower. This child will have an assortment of nice, warm and comfortable things to wear.

 As my daughter was finishing some online college work due on friday, I have been in the kitchen cleaning and sterilizing the bottles and pacifiers. My bestie gave her a microwavable sterilizing kit and boy does it work wonders! When my child was little, her father and I had bought a sterilizing Victoria's bottleskit that cost in the neighborhood of $75-$100. It worked wonders as well but the price was outrageous! Thank goodness you can get a kit for around $10 at your local Target (from what I have seen) or you can clean the bottles, fill them halfway with water, get a microwavable bowl, fill it with water (about 7 oz) and throw in the nipples, rings and tops. I must say I have learned a little bit more about sterilization on my second time around. This generation has all the cool gadgets.

 Finally we set up the crib. My bestie was here helping us put it together. It is a beautiful dark cherry wood-finished convertible crib which is from my family. See, this is what we normally do. Victoria will be the second baby that sleeps in this crib. The first? My beautiful nephew Cayden. Not only are they a few years apart but they will grow up together and hopefully have the same friends. This is my sister’s and my hope. The theme of her nursery will be ‘Ladybugs’. As I am putting the decals on the walls, I can’t help but chuckle that my daughter has always been ‘my ladybug’ because of (from what I believe) is good luck. I also learned that ladybugs are some of the few insects the Native Americans watched before the winter. They could tell if it was going to be a harsh winter or a weak one. (Just another one of the many meteorological stories I have Victoria's cribheard).

 Yes, as I said before, today is my birthday. My 43rd birthday to be exact. Usually on this day, there is absolutely nothing going on. I mean, I am glad nothing out-of-the-ordinary goes on during this day. Shoot. This day is so mundane that I have found not many famous people share my birthday…probably since about 1678. Its ok. So I am not sharing a birthday with my granddaughter. But I will share our birthstone and zodiac sign. Things will work out just fine.

 Until then, we wait.

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