Victoria and her 3 month, 4 week milestones

Published July 8, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother


Victoria Renee 7-1-14 in mommy's armsLately, we have been experiencing milestones with Victoria. She can now sit in her bouncer and reach for the dangling toys on the patted overhead bar. Well…a little bit. She actually grazes them with her left hand. As a grandmother, I think that is the best thing since sliced bread. Lol But what is even better is when she holds up her hands for me to pick her up. Its not a whole-hearted hands-out stretching-the-arms-out but its close. I see it. While it warms my heart so much, I wish she would hold her hands up to her mother who is always working.

So. I mentioned that Victoria is going through a few milestones during her 3rd month of life. We want to believe she is teething. She shows all the signs except refusing food. (She is a member of this family; she never refuses food). Its hard to imagine all of the saliva that comes out of her mouth on a daily basis and then some. There is never a moment when she has a drop of saliva dangling from her bottom lip which, to me, signifies a baby. If we aren’t careful and forget to put on a bib, you would find a big wet spot of drool on her shirt.

Once we discovered a chaffed red ring around her neck from all the drool. A good friend of ours suggested baby powder but we found out that baby powder brings more bacteria to the ‘fatty folds’ and ‘extra chins’ that Victoria has gained over the 3 months of life. Mommy learned that using Desitin or some other form of diaper rash cream will do the job. She is also very fussy and bites on everything she can put in her mouth. Mommy decided to get a gallon storage bag and insert all of Victoria’s teething rings ‘just in case’ and promptly put them in the freezer. We will never know if this is the reason of her little ‘actions’ but just in case, we keep this on the table.

Victoria still does not like ‘Tummy Time’. I’ve heard that most babies have a problem with this. When we place her on her stomach, she fusses. I shouldn’t let this concern me. I’ve heard that some babies favor either side of their bodies and mostly use that side to view their surroundings. Victoria seems to favor her left side. Like I said before in the paragraph above, she uses her left hand to touch the dangling toys above her in her bouncer. I can tell when she is exhausted while playing or watching “Baby Einstein” videos because she looks to the left. I Victoria Renee 6-30-14am assuming the left side of her neck muscles are tighter than her right. We have been helping her move her head to look straight, eventually looking right. This is a concern I hope her mother talks to the doctor about. She has her four month appointment in a few days to get her next series of her immunizations. So this means we are going to have to wait to see her roll over…maybe….because she could surprise us. She already does ‘mini-scoots’ and likes to see her surroundings in ways she couldn’t before.

As I mentioned before, her mother goes to work. I feel my daughter (and most working mother’s) feel cheated because Victoria does pay attention to me more than her own mother. This is why I have to step back and let her mother care for her during the times when she is off of work allowing my daughter to bond with her mother.

3 comments on “Victoria and her 3 month, 4 week milestones

  • It is so wonderful to be able to experience these milestones up close instead of hours away from your granddaughter. Now that I live with my daughter and spend so much time with my granddaughters (especially Olivia, who is only in preschool, I need to remind myself to quietly “be busy” in my room when my daughter first gets up in the morning, so that they can have snuggle time together. I’ve gotten pretty good at making myself scarce so they can bond while mommy is at home.

    When my daughter was small, my wonderful care provider told me, “I will never tell you about Georgia doing something new during the day while you were at work. It isn’t official until Mommy sees it!” I treasured her for her caring attitude, and have tried to act the same way around little ones and their hard-working parents.

    Happy days! – Fawn

    • It’s harder than I could imagine! I do try to find something else to do to stay away.

      Ya and I told my daughter about the ‘hold-me’ incident and she wasn’t upset. But I will keep in mind that I will wait to let her experience her daughter’s milestones.

  • Yeah this nanna knows how it feels when they start reaching for us and wanting us to pick them up. I remember when Blain and Leo were only a year to 18 months old they would often call me nanny/mummy and it upset their mothers but it was just that they spent so much time with me

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