All in the name of Baseball!

Published July 1, 2014 by The Hip Grandmother


Sara baseball game (3rd grade)Next week will be my daughter’s 21st birthday. I don’t know how I feel about that. She isn’t my ‘little ladybug’ anymore but has her own ‘little ladybug’ now. She will be a full fledged adult and the change isn’t easy for me to accept. Now all I have are memories of her in her uniforms of the many clubs and teams she had joined. Being a single mom since she was four, I was the lucky one for being there at all those meetings and baseball games.

My daughter was one of only two girls on an all-boy baseball team. After weeks of research, I wasn’t able to find an all-female team. After calling the local paper, we were to meet at a municipal park that was down the road from where my daughter and I lived. I can’t remember if we were the first ones at the park or the last ones there but I do remember it was sort of nerve-racking trying to find the place.

We had a great time at practices. I usually sit alone. But I did learn that over half the team’s mothers were single moms…like me. Struggling Sara at last practiceto keep their children in a healthy home….like I was. Not only did a baseball team with wonderful little individuals join together but we, as single mothers, found strength and hope in each other that formed lasting relationships. Little did I know that one of the baseball players and his mom became one of our Facebook friends, Google friends and our best friends in good times and in bad.

My favorite memory about that time in my daughter’s life is meeting very good friends on the bleachers, watching our loves play ball (and hard), then meeting up at the local Taco Bell restaurant after practice. Those are days I will miss.

About this story: is currently running a fun challenge called Family Fanatics, asking bloggers to tell their story about how sports has brought families together. If you haven’t heard of Fanatics before, they’re a top online retailer of sports memorabilia and apparel, they’ve got a wide selection of MLB hats!


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