Grandparenting Style: What will be my role??

Published November 24, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother

As I reading different articles that I find on the internet, I notice that I have a lot to live up to in March. It makes me thankful that I have the internet to learn about new things instead of not knowing what I should expect. I have often read that finding roles in grandparenting is more of an unscientific study but it is fun to read about it. In many classifications, basing a name for a certain role in grandparenting can take some research but it is a whole lotta fun just observing. But you will be who you will be, right?

I took a quiz about what kind of grandparent I would be, given I was in that situation of “what to do if your grandkid has a recital”, or “if you had a grandparent shirt, what would it say?” There were a few situations that I will not be in for many, many years to come…but I answered the best that I could possibly answer to the question. So what is my grandparenting style?

What’s Your Grandparenting Style?

You’re a Cool Grandparent!

You are not the stereotypical grandparent. For one thing, you’re totally at ease with technology. You’re likely to be young in years, but you are definitely young at heart. You love movies, music, video games and other diversions that you can share with your grandchildren once they get old enough. You’re not really into baking, knitting or gardening, and you’re not a great fan of family history. You’re more interested in living in the here and now, and your grandchildren will appreciate that.

As I sit here in my living room, pondering on how gorgeous my little granddaughter will be, writing to you, my faithful readers, I fantasize about being able to introduce the internet to my little grandkid, introducing the right way. I want to be that cool grandparent that allows them to stay up on the weekends, gives them an extra helping of veggies in their plate (because we all know veggies are cool!) and the one who starts a ‘tent’ in the living room with the cushions and blankets.

Wow….this is going to be fun!

But I feel I have to let you all know of different kinds of grandparent styles if you don’t already know them. Let me introduce you to a few of em….

The Pollyanna Grandmother

I want to tell you now. I totally suck at cooking. But I can maintain a garden. Being in this style would not be for me. I can see it now….I am not going to be the grandmother that will babysit on a dime…or will I? But I do want to be known as the grandmother that loses patience quickly. But I want to be the grandmother that sends gifts through the mail….just because.

The Grumpy Grandmother 

I think I am a pretty good expert at this. Since I am in my middle 40s, a ‘woman-on-the-edge’, I can understand a lot about what a grumpy grandparent can be. Never letting anyone know that underneath it all they are a real softie, they give themselves away by buying ice cream for everyone or playing board games with the kids. I just know that a little part of me will be this kind of grandparent. I wouldn’t want to be the person that ever threatens my grandchild in any way.

Taking charge kind of grandmother

This is in no-way me. I don’t like to have the responsibility all on my shoulders and if something goes wrong, its all my fault. No-sir-ee. But if my grandchild needs me for anything, responsibility or not…I will be there. This sounds sort of wishy-washy of my personal life because, really, I don’t give out advice, I’m not teacher material and I have a hard time taking my OWN advice. But it is true, I want to be the one who buys necessities for her as much as I can..and she can always come to me if she needs someone to listen. So I guess I will be a ‘little’ bit of a ‘taking charge’ kind of grandmother.

A Crunchy kind of grandmother

These types of grandmothers are those who preserved some type of skills of what our forefathers had but with a twist. She can feed the entire neighborhood healthy foods with little to nothing in her cupboards (who does this remind you of) and make a fun lesson out of taking care of the planet. Not only does she read to them but she makes sure they have hit every museum in the nearest metropolis, teaching them skills to live off the land or bringing them to various ethnical celebrations and different cultural ceremonies.

Love me or hate me, I have a feeling that I am going to be a little of all these grandparent styles. Which one are you? Or which one do you think you will be? As I have said before, I love comments. So please let me know…..

18 comments on “Grandparenting Style: What will be my role??

  • You’re gonna be great. I think you will be very special to your granddaughter. You will have your own unique way of being a grandma… or meemaw… or mammy… or whatever your new name will end up being once the little one starts talking 😉

    I’m so excited for you!!! 🙂

    • You are so sweet! Thank you! I was thinking at first that maybe I should create a name on my own but, like a lot of other people before me said, I’m just going to go with the flow. lol Thanks for following me! I really appreciate this! 🙂

      • 🙂 my oldest daughter is 17… of course she has to go through college and all, but when she finally graduates nursing school and decides to have a family, I will be 1000% excited. Same for my two teenage boys.
        I had the most wonderful grandmother ever, and I want to strive to be even half the “granny” she was to me. (I named her that when I was old enough to speak)

      • My daughter (20)
        is in college as well…going into the medical field. I want my daughter to know that nothing, even health issues, can hold you back from life. I had two strokes as a teenager and still went to college as a young adult. Education is everything.

  • I wanted to be called Granny but my daughter over ruled that (our Granny had died a few years previously and she informed me that there could be only one Granny in our lives). I ended up as ‘Ma’.
    Apparently I am a Pollyanna grandmother but there are days I’d like to lock the little ones outside to eat each other rather than play with them. lol
    You will be the best grandmother you can be and that will be perfect for your grandchild. 🙂

  • I see what you mean, Suzjones. My grandmother was Monmae and I wanted that name. It is a slang term from Quebec but my daughter told me there is only one. Sooo….I have chosen Grandma Titi until she can speak and whatever she calls me will be fine. She will hear everyone call me Titi anyway… I am anticipating something sounding like Titi. lol

  • Oh Joanne! I ALWAYS love when you come by!!! And I love your humor too!!!

    I never imagined myself as a grandmother….when I was younger I never thought of myself as a mom either!!! HA! But for the last few months, I have changed my views on the matter.

  • Whatever type of grandmother you end up being, you will find it to be the most rewarding, most challenging, most fun job of your entire life! There is no moment more thrilling than when your grandchild is first placed in your arms and you realize, “This precious creature came from my child (and so from me, too)!” I am “Grammy”, which is what we called my grandmothers and my mom, who are no longer here. Last year I was given the superhero name of “Grammy the Magnificent” by my then-six year old granddaughter, so that’s what I get to use when they are playing superheroes.

    Welcome again to the Grandmother club!! – Fawn

    • Fawn,

      As I read your reply, tears form in my eyes and run down my cheeks. I can not wait for the moment that little piece of heaven is placed in my arms.

      That is so cute to be the super hero for your grandchildren. I hope the same thing happens to me. I look forward to the living room tents and the “staying up late and eating ice cream”.

      The fun is almost here! 🙂

  • That is so gorgeous, the “Hip Grandmother” has a cool ring to it, and what a cool grandmother indeed. I had to laugh as I realised I would most likely be the Crunchy Grandmother. Sounds vaguely edible…! ;D

  • I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative
    and amusing, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    The problem is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

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