12 weeks and counting!

Published August 30, 2013 by The Hip Grandmother


Today is the day that I would see the wonderful creation my daughter is holding and nurturing inside her body. Meeting at the OBGYN doctors office, I sat in the waiting room playing my favorite game “Bejeweled” on my phone. Seeing the ultrasound actually was important to me but I never knew of the emotions that would emerge from my heart. As we wait for our name to be called, sitting in the waiting room watching the other families that came in to sit down and wait for their turn, I felt that we were all collectively in the same circumstance and it put me in a better, more hopeful mood.

Our family was called to see the ultrasound technician. We seem to walk in an endless hallway of doctor office doors. Soon we reached our destination to the sonogram room where a woman dressed in a lab coat with denim jeans was waiting for us. My daughter sat on the table and got ready as instructed from the technician. It seemed more modern than when I went for her ultrasound in ’93. I was alone when I found out that I was having a girl, unfortunately her father had to work.

The beautiful profile with (her) arms at either side of (her) head.

The beautiful profile with (her) arms at either side of (her) head.

As the wand was waving across my daughter’s stomach, I could see a piece of perfection emerging on the screen. The baby appeared to be healthy but stubborn. (She) was laying on her back with her legs laying on the wall of the uterus. It was, in my opinion, the cutest introduction. Floating in the embryonic fluid, there was my reason for living (inside my other reason for living.)

I’ve never been a “kid” person although I was blessed with a child. Now I am blessed with a grandchild and I couldn’t be more happy knowing that beautiful angel will be in my arms in about 6 months.

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