The Easter Bunny: An Obtainable Goal

Published April 20, 2014 by Ty Spaeth


Boy! Are my dogs barking! What a fun day I had on Easter eve. This morning was no different from the rest, fixing bottles and preparing her diaper bag to spend the day with Victoria’s daddy and her Nana. As we hurry to get ready to go see the elusive Easter Bunny, I make sure we have enough diapers and wipes while my daughter is getting her hair ready. This is Victoria’s first Easter and we will get a picture even if we have to get an old stuffed animal out and set it next to her in the living room. But being parents and grandparents that we are, we want to make sure it is professionally done.

At first, I thought it was silly to have a one-month old all gussied up to take a picture and not even know what was going on around her. I used to think that in my younger years. I remember when my daughter was still an infant, her father and I brought her to the mall to see Santa Claus. Well…her grandmother wanted a picture and I was too narrow-minded to see that they wanted a picture and enjoy their grandchild in the arms of Santa. Now I know how they originally felt.

The night before my daughter’s friend posted something on Facebook about the Easter Bunny and pictures in the mall of our little town. We made plans with Daddy and Nana to accompany us to achieve our goal. As we were walking into the courtyard in the mall, we noticed….nothing. No long lines, no kids running around chasing one another, no bows of pink and green to signify ‘come take a picture with the Easter Bunny’. Nothing. My daughter went up to an employee to ask if the Easter Bunny already came for a visit to the mall. The lady looked at her and said, “We have decided not to have the Easter Bunny here this year.” This year? My grand daughter is finally born and you decide that you aren’t going to have the Easter Bunny come to your mall this year?? Nana and I did not take the word ‘NO’. Back to the car we go.

We also heard about a park nearby and they were hosting the Easter Bunny. It was our town’s Park and Recreation. If we hurry, we can finally lay our ‘grandparent’ eyes on this elusive Easter Bunny and snap a picture with him holding our bundle of joy. We see many people walking with their kids to their cars as they carry baskets of eggs and other belonging, collecting their children from running out into the street. We parked the car and I walked up to a bystander. I asked her if the Easter Bunny was going to show up today. “You missed him an hour ago! He was here but left!” I turned to Nana and threw my hands in the air. Nana wasn’t going down without a fight either. We are going to see this child with an Easter Bunny even if we have to dress up like one ourselves and take a picture!

Back at Nana’s house, we had a lovely dinner: steak with baked potatoes and corn on the cob. It was good for us to gather our strength while we decide to go to the next city to see if they have an Easter Bunny on display. Nana called the mall clerk and received some good news. We found out that one of the bigger malls does have a professional Easter Bunny (and the best part is we can get pictures!) It was 20 minutes away but that didn’t stop us.

As we pulled into the mall, we could see a lot of people walking back and forth going into the doors of the mall, exiting the building. I was prepared to wait in line, no matter how long, just to see Victoria and the Easter Bunny. Walking into the courtyard, there is the Easter Bunny we have been searching for all day!!! AND the line wasn’t long. I noticed people with baby carriages taking out their babies for the Easter Bunny to hold. I didn’t feel so bad after that.

Victoria and the Elusive Easter Bunny

Victoria and the Elusive Easter Bunny

I want Victoria to know that there are so many people out there that care about her. That care about her being HERE. The love that her Nana and I express for her is so powerful. We are the lucky ones. We are Victoria’s hip grandmothers.


Never Ending Sleepless Nights

Published April 12, 2014 by Ty Spaeth


Long day on the 10th of AprilThere inside a baby’s crib is a beautiful angel…an angel that refuses to sleep at night. How did this happen?? This little creature that I love to cuddle and hold against my body is an active night-owl in sheep’s clothing. There has to be a better way before I go insane. Before my daughter goes insane.

I understand that we couldn’t set a sleep schedule before because she was still a newborn. Thank heavens she has grown enough to step out of that category, or so I thought. It has been a ritual now that I go to bed early, my daughter stays up with Victoria til the wee hours of the morning. Then I wake up about 6 A.M. and let my daughter go to bed while I stay up and have bonding time with Victoria.

Those days might be over….

So now we have to get on task. In order to have this child become a day person (which I am not and never have been), I am going to have to get strict with myself and strict with my grand daughter. Having said that, I have taken the liberty to research on how to keep an infant awake during the day. This will not be a fun ride but I have a feeling that the outcome will benefit us all in the long run.Victoria Renee outside 4-8-14

I understand that I have to be patient with her; it won’t happen overnight. Even if she’s up most of the night, I have to stick with the time my daughter thinks is best. For right now, that time will be 8 A.M. We are instructed to keep the shades open while she attempts to fall back asleep. Gosh that seems so barbaric….she cries in frustration because she can’t get what she needs….or wants. I am going to have to play lively music during the day or even have the television on. Noise is going to happen in our home anyway. She will just have to deal with the fact that we aren’t censoring ourselves anymore.

As the days and/or weeks go on while we are striving for our goal of having her sleep at night rather than the day, we keep in mind that this feat isn’t going to happen overnight. Patience is going to play a big part in this scenario but united with my daughter, we will help my grand daughter through this.

One month old and her instructions are clearer!!!

Published April 8, 2014 by Ty Spaeth


2 weeks old

2 weeks old

Ok. Ok. By now you know how excited I am about this little bundle of joy. What you don’t know is all the things she has had to deal with through this whole month. If you can remember, she had to deal with constipation in (what is my opinion) the worst way. She was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Knoxville only to get her first x-ray showing that she was engorged. After an enema and five diapers later, she was good to go home. Her mother then made an appointment with her doctor and had been instructed to use oatmeal cereal (1 tsp per 1 ounce) and that should help with the constipation. It did help…until the following week when we had the next problem…gas!

Newborns come home to parents that wish these babies came with instructions. Sometimes even the grandparents are at a loss to what the newborn is actually crying about. Just like everyone else in the free world, we have all the information we will ever need at our fingertips. Google, Bing, Yahoo….the list does go on. Poor baby had been dealing with acid reflux! I did notice when she refusing her pacifier after a certain amount of time. It probably had acid from her tummy on it. Again, her mother made an appointment to her pediatrician to rectify this problem. She was given liquid Zantac. Zantac! For a baby? I’ve never heard of anything like that but I do hear that it does work and has been prescribed to a lot of babies dealing with this problem. I didn’t have this problem when my daughter was an infant so again, this was all new to me.

Now that we are at the ‘month’ mark of her little life so far, she seems so much healthier and happier. She does sleep a lot (especially throughout the night) with one feeding at 5 A.M. Maybe her ‘instructions’ are a bit easier for us to read. After all, every baby is different and a new individual. But then again, I heard newborns can get cranky if they need more sleep. I suppose she isn’t ready to stay awake most of the day. This is the main reason we acquired a swing. I’ve heard that swings can help with tired babies to rock them. And a little fact that I, myself have learned about Victoria. She likes music. Yes..she is put in her swing and

Rocking a Beatles onsie!

Rocking a Beatles onsie!

rocks back and forth. She should be good, right? No. She calms down once the music is playing. After eating, I sit her in her lounger (I call it her throne) to help keep extra acid down and help her digest the last bottle she has been given. I do this for about 20-30 minutes. Then I put her in her swing and she listens to her music and eventually falls asleep. It sounds crazy but Victoria actually enjoys her music playing. (It must be from listening to the Beatles and Baroque music while she was in her mommy’s stomach.) I agree that it is.


Hey Grandma Titi! I’m 3 weeks old!!!!

Published April 1, 2014 by Ty Spaeth
Comfy Victoria

Comfy Victoria

We have finally made it to THREE WEEKS! There is a lot that has gone on in this household. ‘Somebody’ has decided to start sleeping all day and is awake for most of the night. That does go with our ‘former’ sleep schedule. It was just my daughter and me when we would sleep til noon on weekends and at least nine during the weekdays. Ahhh what a change. And I am positive there will be more changes to come.

The constipation she was experiencing has ‘hopefully’ come to an end. See, I was told that she has acid reflux. The pediatrician gave us the medicine she needed and because of the reflux that cleared up, her constipation went away. Thank goodness she can now lay comfortably in her swing and has stopped making those painful-looking facial expressions.

Shaddow finally met her first hand. We have been leaving her blankets and spit-up rags out in the open for weeks so that he can smell her scent. Shaddow is a very, very good cat

Meeting Shaddow:Victoria

“Are you serious? You brought ‘what’ home?”

with an awesome disposition. We are very lucky to have him. He did, however walked up to her swing (while she was in it) and smelled her hand. We watched him closely to see what he will do. What he did next surprised me. He started smelling her hand then rubbed his face on her hand. That means that he accepts her into his ‘group’ of ‘fellow felines’. lol We took a picture of him during his meeting with her…then casually walked away.

I believe we are still in the ‘danger zone’ for an infant. Every little fever or jolt that she has makes me jump. She is also trying to focus with her eyes. She seems to know both her parents. And the other day my daughter was holding her, I called to Victoria and she turned her head in my direction. I hope that means something.

Kiss the hand of the Queen!

Kiss the hand of the Queen!

Breakfast and Classical Music with Victoria Renee

Published March 27, 2014 by Ty Spaeth


Miss Victoria had her second doctor’s visit today! She is now 7 lbs. 4 oz..a bit of a jump from 6 lbs. 10 oz. of her birth weight. She is moving right along. Unfortunately she has been dealing with constipation and reflux, (as I have heard a lot of newborns do) she has been prescribed medicine for the reflux and eventually, the constipation will stop. The doctor also said to add a bit of infant cereal which surprised me. I would think she would be too young.

But for right now, she is hanging out with her hip grandmother listening to Bach and Beethoven. Gotta start them early with the music!

Grandma Titi and Victoria Renee hanging out


One small step for babies…One giant leap for Victoria

Published March 22, 2014 by Ty Spaeth

There are many things to be thankful of in my life. Victoria is one of them. She is basically the sun in my whole universe. Its unfortunate that I have to ‘pull back’ a little when I hear her whining in her crib while her mother picks her up to hold her. I want to be the one to do that for her.

Realizing that her mother has been up every two hours with little Victoria, I wake up from a comfortable nights sleep. I Sleeping Beautyhear her whine in the crib (she doesn’t have the chance to cry because she is rescued from hunger by her mother) as I let her mother sleep in so I can have that one-on-one time with my beautiful grand daughter. I suppose that is my way of getting what I want. Hee hee!

Victoria is definitely not a crying baby as of yet. She does, however have a whine that sounds a little over-dramatic which is why I refer to her as a ‘drama queen’. And her name is Victoria. How appropriate!

As I tiptoe by her crib with a nice warm bottle of a mixture of breast milk and formula, I turn off the sound machine my bestie gave my grand daughter (to drown out any foreign noises). Awake and alert is what I find! She is trying to turn over. So young! I remember she did that the first week of being home. My mother mentioned that I was constantly doing that as well.

My daughter is sitting up from her pillow and I tell her to “stay in bed, I will change and feed the baby.” My own bonding moment with the Queen!

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